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Thanks for stoppin' by...
Take a look around and stay awhile...
I'm called in Thirdage:

My Picture


Snowflakes spill from heaven's hand
Lovely and chaste like smooth white sand.
A veil of wonder laced in light
Falling Gently on a winters night.
Graceful beauty raining down
Giving magic to the lifeless ground.
Each snowflake like a falling star
Smiling beauty that's spun afar.
Till earth is dressed in a robe of white
Unspoken poem the hush of night.
~Linda A. Copp~

Facts about me:

>I am from:
The Beautiful high desert Of California

I'm a Cancer born on July 21st

Marital status:
Divorced since 1989 and love being single and independent

A Daughter,Son and one sweet grandchild who is the light of my life :-)

"Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things,
but just look what they do when they stick together.
~Verna M. Kelly~

My passions

In my spare time I like to:
Play in Thirdage Discussions and visit with all my friends.
And of course make Webpages and play on my computer too! I've went plum crazy over Tubes and PSP7, making gazillions of signatures and graphics. Traveling lately since buying a new Motorhome... I've seen most of the world and now looking forward to seeing more of the U.S.A.

My favorite ThirdAge discussion boards are:
Many...such as
1.Your Dreams And Nightmares
2.Among Friends
3.Computer Graphics
5.Kernels Of Kindness
6.The Art Studio
7.The Pet Connection
10.Prayer....As Part of Living

And so many more!

And I also enjoy being the host of "Today's Woman IV"
and also the Cohost of "Single's Meeting Place II"...
Come by and say hi!

My future outlook:
Enjoying my life and for now taking care of my Mother who's moved in with me. It's been hard adjusting my lifestyle to living with someone, but everyday it gets better. I always enjoy the company of my children and my sweet grandchild whenever I get a chance :-)